I have provided teaching and training both as an instructor internationally and as a trainer/consultant in the local American church setting.  I am also a professor for Lincoln Christian University and Seminary.

So far, most of this has been focused on these subjects:

Self-Care and Self-Leadership in Christian Ministry

I did not enter ministry with any understanding of the potential of psychological, emotional, and even spiritual trauma that would accompany it.  Those in ministry or training to enter it must prepare for and proactively address the unique stresses, expectations, and challenges of this calling.

I wrote this course, Self-Care and Self-Leadership in Christian Ministry, because I needed to learn the wisdom it contains.

I have seen that without the development of certain disciplines and skills, such pain will easily drain and eventually destroy many ministry workers, pastors, and leaders.  That is not acceptable.

I have taught this as a five-day intensive and a two-day seminar.  Always to great feedback.

Leading a Church through Change

Years of first-hand experience have taught me much on this subject that I’ve been happy to share with others.  A healthy church will not be stagnant and unchanging.  But navigating change is difficult and can be delicate, especially in a local church.

In this training, typically presented as a seminar or weekend retreat with a church’s leadership team, we take apart these difficulties and examine them, learn how to make decisions for improvement (otherwise known as change!), and prepare the best way to communicate and implement healthy change.

Also in this vein, I teach a course with Lincoln Christian University entitled, Dynamics of Change and Conflict in Organizational Leadership.

Ministry and Leadership Ethics

Ministry leadership tests one’s character to a far greater degree than it tests one’s competence. Therefore, constructing a strong, biblical understanding of personal and professional ethics is essential to effective ministry.

Nothing gives one’s ministry more enduring credibility than faithful adherence to healthy, thoughtful ethical standards and practices. And nothing can jeopardize ministry credibility and effectiveness more completely than breeches of such adherence.

This course material offers both the theological and intellectual paradigms as well as the relevant and applicable practices needed for potent, robust, ethical ministry leadership.


If you are interested in receiving this teaching and training for your church or organization, feel free to contact me.