Keepers of the Way

Jesus calls Himself “the Way” and calls to us, “Follow me.”

Each day we can choose to say, “Yes, I will follow You, Jesus. You are the Way. You are my way of life.”

But today it can seem this call is drowned out in the din of competing voices, or twisted by half-truths, or simply forgotten by once faithful followers. Is this call, this Way, still relevant?  And what does keeping to it now look like?

Though it is often rejected, maligned, or misunderstood, the Way is perfectly relevant today. Not everything that’s old is obsolete. Not all innovations are improvements.

Keeping to the Way means joining the resistance by signing up to be a person of self-discipline and self-control, fleeing temptation, and choosing to develop in character.

It means fueling the rebellion against this world and its ways by refusing to conform, subverting godless philosophies, and escaping society’s gravitational pull.

It means advancing the revolution of Christ’s cross by spreading His good news, righting injustices, and filling this world with love and truth.

The Way of Jesus is a good and true and beautiful, humble and wise, ancient Way that runs through history and provides a sure path for us today. And the  invitation to follow that Way is for everyone, everywhere, every day.


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