These are organizations I support, with whom I partner, and from whom I learn.  I encourage you to consider doing the same!

I’m always inspired by the stories I read here. Big hearts and big dreams! And even a small contribution can make a huge difference. Microfinance is a tremendous way to share wealth so that lives are changed exponentially. BigDent accomplishes this sharing beautifully.

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I’m privileged to serve on the faculty of Lincoln Christian University and Seminary. I teach in the areas of organizational and ministry leadership, change management, personal and spiritual development, and ministerial ethics.

I’ve been to Nairobi four times so far and every time I gain so much more than I give. Mission of Hope works in the Mathare Valley–one of the worst slums on the planet–and through their ever-growing number of schools, over 12,000 children are being lifted out of systemic poverty.

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I am blessed to serve as the Senior Minister of this genuine, dynamic, and loving congregation. We’re a bunch of imperfect but passionate people who are simply amazed by the love and goodness of Jesus.  Our campus is located at the northeast edge of Indianapolis.  Come see us!