We’re easy on ourselves and hard on the world.

Count on it: the first step to nearly any form of false teaching  is the minimization of sin. Remember, most false teaching is a semblance of palatable half-truths, but the one truth that almost all false teaching excludes is this: sin destroys life. We deny or ignore this at our peril.

But here’s the important lesson for many of us as Jesus-followers: Sometimes we’re our own false teachers. We too often minimize the sin in us.

It may bother us deeply when the world calls right what we see God calling wrong. But we also must be as deeply troubled when we begin to call our wrong—not right (most of us wouldn’t go that far), but something more insidious—no big deal.

Whether it’s under the guise of cheap grace or some other half-truth, we–any and all of us–can believe our sin is not a problem. We convince ourselves that what God commands is—at least for us—what He merely recommends.

We’re easy on ourselves and hard on the world and we’re losing credibility everyday.