Forget Resolutions. Make a Decision in 2014.

I have nothing clever to share about goal-setting and potential-reaching on this NYE night.  I love both these subjects and–naturally–there’s a ton a great stuff being written online about each right now.

But let me de-complicate things for a moment.

Chances are good there’s a decision in your life that needs to be made.

A difficult but necessary one.

All the aspects of its momentum have been accumulating in recent weeks or months (or years) and it’s gaining velocity.

The layers of its credibility have been thickening and the evidence of its necessity has been mounting.

But you haven’t made it yet.  You haven’t made the decision

to tell the truth that must be told
to stop what must not continue
to do what must be done
to say what must be said
to right the wrong
to pick up
or let go
or go.

Resolving to read more books and eat less fast food and pay off debt…that’s cool.  All good stuff.

But what about that one singular and essential decision to do one difficult but necessary act?

Could making it be what makes all the difference in 2014?

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