A Prayer for My Son, the Missionary

This morning my son joined several others from our church and took off for a 10-day mission to Mexico City.  This is his first international trip, which makes it my first as a dad sending off his child.

Wow, it was harder than I thought it would be.

Is this how parents felt when they let their kids go with me to Mexico when I was a student minister?  That’s a weird thought. :)

Anyway…my post today is this prayer for my son, Elijah the missionary.

Father, make him strong for his assigned task.
Give him focus to see Your hand.
Find his ears open to Your voice
and his heart responsive to Your Spirit.
Bring him back to us according to Your will
that we may hear his stories of You and Your people
and be glad and give You glory.
In the Name of our Sender,

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