Living a Life Worthy of the Lord

This is an expanded excerpt from last Sunday’s message.

At the beginning of his letter to the Colossian Christians, Paul says that he prays they will be filled with knowledge of God’s will through the Spirit’s wisdom and understanding.

Amen to that.  That’s a prayer worth praying for us all.

Then Paul states why such knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are needed:

so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way… (Colossians 1:10)

These words really resonate with me.

They are the cry of my heart, partly because I so badly desire them to be true and partly because I’m so aware of how frequently they are not.

This speaks to a truth we often leave unspoken or at least unheard:  there are people who call themselves Christians who live lives that are unworthy of the one they call Lord, who displease Him in some ways.

And these Christians can be you and I.

I am capable of living a life that’s unworthy of Christ.  It is not a given that I won’t.  Such a worthy life doesn’t happen automatically.

And what of grace?  As one of my favorite authors likes to say, “Grace is opposed to earning, but not to effort.”

We have to get beyond an easy believe-ism that says, “It matters not how I live or the choices I make or how I set my priorities or how I handle myself and my relationships.  It’s all covered by grace.”

As if grace gives us license to be lazy.

Such things matter more than ever because they are covered by grace.  A grace that comes from the precious sacrifice of Christ.

Let us live—and encourage each other to live—lives worthy of the Lord that please Him in every way.

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