What Makes You Weep or Pound the Table?

According to Bobb Biehl in his book, Masterplanning, if you want to idenitfy what your core drivers are and what needs God has purposed you to meet, ask yourself this question:

“What makes me weep or pound the table?”

The answers to this question say a lot about how God wired you, which says a lot about His purposes for you.

He has great good for you to do in this life, a great difference to make in this world.  This good is uniquely yours to do, and this difference is uniquely yours to make.  But what is it?

It’s found in what stirs your passions, what moves your emotions, what grips your thoughts.

What righteously angers you.

What naturally grieves you.

What makes you weep or pound the table.

This is worth our prayerful consideration because ordering our priorities, actions, lives, and ministries behind such things taps us into an energy and strength and power that can carry us forward into the great and impactful purposes God has for each of us.


Here are three things I’ve identified that make me weep or pound the table:

  • People, especially children, caught in injustice and extreme poverty while the rich do nothing.
  • Christians stuck in a consumerist, self-centered, immature, stale, suburban-slumber version of American Christianity.
  • People who don’t yet know Christ or have walked away from Him due to unhealthy or harmful church experiences.

What makes you weep or pound the table?  I’d love to hear about it.

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