A microloan can make a big dent

A couple of months ago, I loaned Juliana Mutheu Matheka 25 dollars.

It was easy.  I went to bigdent.org.

And I received an email this week that she has now repaid 100% of the loan!  It went on to say…

Juliana is grateful to be a part of Missions of Hope and has done an excellent job in paying back her loan on time.  With this loan, she has been able to increase her beadwork business by adding new products to sell.  Though she has done well to stabilize the business during this time, she also has worked to increase her savings and has her eye set on another loan from which to further her business as much as possible.  Your gift of a loan is changing an entire family’s economic and emotional situation, and, ultimately, impacting an entire community.

The funds from this repayment are now helping other entrepreneurs fund their small businesses…entrepreneurs like Monicah Ndinda.
Monicah started the year not knowing how to sew, but she had a desire to learn.  Within a few months, she graduated from a skills training program as an expert seamstress.  After receiving a loan through BigDent, Monicah started her own sewing business with three customers.  Today, she is very busy every day making and repairing clothes for dozens of customers.

BigDent is one component of a holistic effort to meet the spiritual, physical, economic, emotional, educational and social needs of individuals and families. About 200 more people like Monicah have been trained and are waiting for a loan.

You can sponsor a loan today and help another woman realize her dream, feed her family and overcome poverty.

To be honest, it’s fun and kind of addicting (in a good way).  Go for it.  You’ll be glad you did.

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